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Other names

Cigarettes, Fags, Smoke, Ciggies

What is looks like & how it is taken

Dark leafy grass like strands. Either pre-rolled filtered cigarettes or sold loose with cigarette papers that can be self rolled

The effects

A stimulant- users feel more alert
Calming effect - regular smokers claim it helps them to concentrate, relax, combat boredom, and reduce anxiety
First time users may feel dizzy or sick
Stops you feeling hungry so people often eat less

The health risks

Addiction: without tobacco users can feel restless, irritable and depressed
Coughs, chest and breathing problems
Frequent minor illnesses e.g. Colds
Lung cancer, heart disease, respiratory disorders, cancers of the mouth and throat

Legal Status

Any tobacco product can be sold to people 16 years and over


One You Surrey HORIZ Yellow

One You Surrey provide free stop smoking support throughout the county. The service is based upon the latest behaviour change research. You'll be supported by a team of trained advisers, all of whom are experts in the field of smoking cessation.

You can choose from private one-to-one consultations with one of the advisors in a community setting or you can pick up the phone and speak to an advisor from the comfort of your own home. A truly accessible service, we'll help you to kick the habit for good in a manner that's tailored to you and your needs.

Alternatively, they could complete an online referral form by visiting or this can be undertaken on their behalf.

For more information on the service please follow the link

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