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Concerned about someones drinking?

Are you worried that somebody close to you drinks too much? Do you just want to talk it through with someone? Worrying all the time about one person can be draining. You are important as well as the person you are concerned about.

There are a number of services available to those who don’t have a drink problem but are caring for or worried about someone who is. At SDAC we are available to talk about it 9am to 9pm Monday to Friday.

So call us if you are struggling to cope, want advice, or just want someone to listen to you.

In the meantime, the following information may help you.

If someone is drinking heavily, there maybe a number of problems

  • People drink to deal with stress, but the drinking makes the situation worse, it is a vicious circle.
  • It may be difficult to know how a heavy drinker is going to behave next, which causes tension and uncertainty.
  • Communication within the family can become difficult.
  • Everything can start to revolve around the drinking, if that is all the family thinks and talks about.
  • The family can feel ashamed of the drinker’s behaviour and become cut off from the outside world.
  • Practical difficulties may include accidents, money, sex, legal and health problems. Some of their – for example, sexual problems or incontinence, may be embarrassing to talk about.
  • Children may understand more about what is going on than their parents realize and this can be reflected in the way they behave.
  • If the drinker no longer takes responsibility for things like paying bills or doing household chores, other members of the family may take these tasks over. This can lead to resentment on both sides.
  • There may be arguments and violence.
  • You may have heard people say things like, ‘I’m only a social drinker’ or ‘I only drink pints, never spirits’

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